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Path above the head

(Technology has spoiled me...)At the same time it allows me to ignore people by pretending to text, when i'm actually just testing blogger's mobile updates lol


I GATOR done!....XD

Awww what would the world be without lame puns? is there even such a thing as non-lame puns?
Anyways...GATORdone is my school's orientation team's motto and it was the first thing I remember loving about SFSU. I just love this place! And most important: I loooove my major!
I don't think I've ever been more certain of having done the right thing, and declaring Sociology as my major is perhaps the best example i can think of -besides buying the Nokia e71, i just love my phone- every single one of my classes is just so incredibly engaging! They all tickle my brain in funny places, and I like it! =D
So yeah, I really love my current situation. My life seems to be running quite smoothly, not much drama on any field - except perhaps at work, but hey that's what i get for working at a chain restaurant- I just noticed i love using these "-"... usually when things are this god i always feel as if some big drama is coming, but not this time! I rather not worry about it, or else i'll end up shavng my head and living in a tiny room in the mission paying $350 dollars a month and only be allowed to spend the night there, no guests or lounging around!
Holy shit I just realized this is my first blog post in hella long! There goes one of my new year's resolutions, at least i'm working out on a semi-regular basis...kinda.
I just got back my first graded paper, and i got a 9 out of 10 which is good, but it would have been a 10 if it weren't for those damn semi colons and their ambiguity! They are the bisexuals of the punctuation world! Lady GaGa's of the keyboard! I just don't like them very much!
Oh well I'm talking non-sense already, you would think I'd have more to write about what with the transferring of the schools, the moving out the house brothers, and the dating of the mother-heart-attack inducing girlfriends, but i'm just really tired right now, and I have a metric shit-ton to read tomorrow not to mention a crazy ass puppy to babysit!

This post was lacking in the gayness department, besides i love that song! ^.^


Lady Martyr

I just watched the video for Lady Gaga's new single "Paparazzi" which got leaked ahead of time, causing her to throw a tantrum on Facebook. Anyway, there is a scene about halfway through it where she is getting out of a wheelchair wearing this metal cap and corset, which reminded me so much of one of the tortured girls from Pascal Laugier's movie
Martyrs. For those who have not seen the movie, see my previous post about it, freaking awesome movie! Netflix that shit now!! For those have not seen the video check it out here. For those of you haven't seen either one, and don't want to, just look at this side-by-side comparison.

If you've seen the movie and "got it" you'll see that the similarities between lady gaga and Martyrs don't end here lol.



I've seen all the torture porn films out there; Saw, Hostel, etc ...I saw the Passion of the Christ...Cannibal Holocaust only made me feel sorry for the turtle...In my opinion Michael Haneke's "Funny Games" is the best horror film ever made, what with the constant breaking of the fourth wall, the music, the ending!! So I guess you could say i'm a sick fuck, and i would agree...I thought I could handle anything!
...And then I saw Pascal Laugier's "Martyrs"...
As Eric Cartman Would say: That movie has warped my fragile little mind!!
There are talks of an American Remake. God, please don't watch that and watch the original, dubbed or with sub-titles.

If you want to read the best review i've found of this movie go here

Don't read it unless you plan on watching it...



I'm starting to miss myspace's lack of customization options...

- Lose some weight( go ahead, laugh)
- Camping w/friends

- Read a book a month
- More drinking
- Make time to date someone seriously
- Budget, like for reals this time
- Write a decent blog entry at least once a week
- Get back into designing
- Start cooking and baking again
- Take a cooking class
- Get a new, more stable, less high school-ish kind of job
- Get my own place: Preferably not in the east bay

I hope i finally get around to having a decent blog like used to back in '02, this would be the third time i switch blogging platforms, myspace was just too myspace.

So yeah, Happy new year!! =D

Just 30 more days for this fucking awful year to end!! Can't wait!...
One more day 'till i get my paycheck...
Two days for the VSFS...I still don't know why i watch it tho, oh yeah, i remember now.
A couple more hours for Britney's new album to officially come out, by the way most of the songs suck!
And who knows how long until i find something productive to do.
I've been watching a lot of movies lately and they were all at least kinda good...
A few months ago Serina told me to go watch a movie called Young People Fucking(YPF on Netflix or BB), I thought she was just being nasty as usual and said "No", but i finally got a chance to watch it last night. LOVED it!! Canadians are funny!! "The Friends" and "The Couple" were my favorites, "The Exes" part was really sad in the hit close to home i guess, oh well.
I got Run Fat Boy Run in the mail last week and i didn't even remembered adding it to my list, but i got it so i watched it and it was meh, the story was kinda meh, the carachters were kinda meh, the muic was good tho, i finally found out the name of this song, so that was good...Ghost Town remains the best movie with an british guy in it i've watched this year, sad very very sad considering Once had that hnor last year...was he irish? Oh who the fuck cares i still hum that Falling Slowly song on BART.
Journey to the center of the earth probably looked better in teathers, i liked it anyways.
Oh yeah my sister made me rent Penelope hella long ago, i thought it was some kind of Juno clone so i didn't really read the little synopsis on Netflix, but then i found Christina Ricci was on it so i watched it today and i kinda liked it, if i ever have a daughter and don't sell her in the black market i'll make her watch that movie...Oh yeah talking about juno i found out what kind of cat she is, apparently she is a Neblung which explains why her babies looked Russian i really talking about cats?...i guess it's better than talking abut college applications, credit card fees, horny chinese ex-girlfriends and strange relatives, which are the other topics in my head right now.
I decided to take the spring semester off and if by the end of january things are still the same i'll throw my shit in a bag and move to seattle. Why? 'Cuz it actually rains there! Unlike here, where clouds are such teases and fakes just like everyone yeah, thats why.
Now if you'll excuse me i have some reading to do...damn you Mrs. Del Bourgo!!...jk.

No, I'm not talking about Obama, he won yay! whatever...I'm talking about prop 8.
I want to believe that maybe people were confused and thought that voting yes meant yes to giving gays the right to get married, because i just don't know how it was possible in California for a future law so retarded and discriminatory to pass.
Molly Woods, from Cnet's BOL, did a great blog post about the topic that perfectly summed up what i wanted to say.

Over the past few weeks, I've seen demonstrations in support of Proposition 8 in and around my neighborhood in Oakland, California.

If you don't know by now, Proposition 8 would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to legally marry. Proposition 8 proponents have refused to comment on whether they would actively seek to invalidate the marriages of those couples who have been united since same-sex marriage was legalized in California.

Let me be perfectly clear. I am, to the very core of my being, opposed to Proposition 8. I believe that passage of Prop 8 effectively creates a religious dictatorship in California and would export bigotry and discrimination to the rest of the nation and the world. I believe that the right to marry is universal, constitutionally protected, and that it is a civil rights issue to the core.

And that's why I can hardly keep myself from jumping out of my car when I see African Americans and other people of color demonstrating in support of Proposition 8, and why I can hardly breathe when they are also women. Notwithstanding the fact that slavery itself was only abolished in this country about 150 years ago and discrimination in all forms is still thriving here, interracial marriage in the United States was still banned in 17 states as late as 1967. That is forty-one years ago. If there were a Proposition 8 41 years ago, Asians, blacks, Samoans, and Hispanics I saw with a Yes on 8 signs this weekend, it would have been about you. Interracial marriage was banned because it was considered unnatural, it was thought to be "against God's will," and it constituted illicit sex. Sound familiar?

That long, rich history of marriage-related discrimination in this country ought to be enough to get any thinking person, and particularly a person of color, on the side of the Proposition 8 opponents. For whatever reason — probably the simple fact that it's human nature to find someone out there you disagree with and go messing around with their lives — that doesn't cut it. And that brings me to women.

Less than 100 years ago, women in the United States would not have been allowed to vote for or against Proposition 8. In some countries, they still cannot. In the U.S., women were still considered chattel who could not own their own property or even the clothing they wore until 1890, when Kentucky finally changed its laws. The Equal Rights Amendment, which says "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex," wasn't even proposed until 1923, has only been ratified by 35 states, and is still not part of the U.S. Constitution.

Then there's the religious question. Proposition 8 comes from a fundamentally religious argument — our society rejects homosexuality as a sin that is specifically proscribed by the Bible. But here's the thing: the Bible is not the law. If it were, we'd live in a pretty chaotic, contradictory society that allowed for putting people to death for all kinds of minor and outdated offenses and let guys like King Solomon have as many wives and concubines as they want. And don't get me started on the teachings of Jesus — nearly all of which flatly contradict the spirit in which Proposition 8 was proposed at all. And before we use religion — again — as a tool for oppression in this country, can we please remember that our nation was founded on the principle of religious freedom and that our Constitution was created out of the desire for a democracy that did not specifically endorse one religion over another, did not put the beliefs of one religious group over the beliefs of others, and did not force its citizens to believe and act based on the will of a religious majority?

It is unfathomable to me that America can have such a deep wellspring of hate and violent discrimination from which to draw its lessons, and that we can still have Proposition 8 on our ballot; that we still have not risen above petty, passionate, semantic bickering about who has the right to be a legally sanctioned family. It's unthinkable to me that women and minorities can look past not just their own history but the active discrimination that still thrives in this country, and still try to find a target for their own bigotry. And it's frankly abominable that so many people feel it's acceptable, in 21st century America, to create a "separate but equal" caste out of productive, successful, law-abiding citizens with whom they happen to have a "lifestyle" disagreement.

Proposition 8 is un-American. Period. And I am begging you, no matter what your personal or religious beliefs may be, live your own life. Go your own way. Teach your children that they don't have to worry about being discriminated against or marginalized in this country, no matter what future determinations our society decides to make about who is "anti-family" or "against God" or somehow the unacceptable "them" to the greater "us." Because make no mistake: as long as we think discrimination and marginalization is ok, we'll never stop trying to pick on somebody. In the future it could be the anti-technologist religious sect or heck, scientists and software engineers, or the half-robot people, or why not, women again, who are somehow picked out as somebody that it's ok to hate and make laws against. Think this is about the children? Unless we make a stand as Americans and human beings, no child is safe from becoming a victim of somebody's beliefs.

Like the right of women to vote, the abolition of slavery, the civil rights movement, and the possible election of an African American man as President, this change is coming. There's no good reason to tell gays they can't marry, other than pure, naked, ugly discrimination. Don't be the pro-segregationist of your day. Don't become a villain in the story of America's march toward tolerance and freedom. Vote for the America we should be, instead of the America we have been. Vote no on Proposition 8.

well said.

Today i was:
A bad hoomin for not buying the expensive cat food
A bad friend
A tourist guide
PIMPed by my father(If i had a shrink he would probably think i'm making him up, oh but dad is very real)
Strange day indeed...
Anyway! I turned 22 last week, on the awesome is that!? I didn't do much other than be reminded that my real friends still don't understand we are in different time zones and that even if it is "just an hour earlier" i will not enjoy waking up at 5 am after going to bed at 1:30 am...thanks anyways =)
There was no cake, not even a bag of mother's cookies, which i just found out went out of business earlier this month! I still remember getting a couple bags of the white & pink animal cookies for Christmas back when i lived in El Salvador and everything was happiness, rainbows and robocop riding a unicorn...oh yes, good times!
I'm still debating whether to go to school for the spring semester or not. I still have like 3 more days to complete those applications. I'll probably just end up going to think i could be going to berkeley right now, but noooo something HAD to go wrong at the last minute, and that $omething was kinda important.
Money is overrated...we should go back to the barter system.