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Path above the head


I GATOR done!....XD

Awww what would the world be without lame puns? is there even such a thing as non-lame puns?
Anyways...GATORdone is my school's orientation team's motto and it was the first thing I remember loving about SFSU. I just love this place! And most important: I loooove my major!
I don't think I've ever been more certain of having done the right thing, and declaring Sociology as my major is perhaps the best example i can think of -besides buying the Nokia e71, i just love my phone- every single one of my classes is just so incredibly engaging! They all tickle my brain in funny places, and I like it! =D
So yeah, I really love my current situation. My life seems to be running quite smoothly, not much drama on any field - except perhaps at work, but hey that's what i get for working at a chain restaurant- I just noticed i love using these "-"... usually when things are this god i always feel as if some big drama is coming, but not this time! I rather not worry about it, or else i'll end up shavng my head and living in a tiny room in the mission paying $350 dollars a month and only be allowed to spend the night there, no guests or lounging around!
Holy shit I just realized this is my first blog post in hella long! There goes one of my new year's resolutions, at least i'm working out on a semi-regular basis...kinda.
I just got back my first graded paper, and i got a 9 out of 10 which is good, but it would have been a 10 if it weren't for those damn semi colons and their ambiguity! They are the bisexuals of the punctuation world! Lady GaGa's of the keyboard! I just don't like them very much!
Oh well I'm talking non-sense already, you would think I'd have more to write about what with the transferring of the schools, the moving out the house brothers, and the dating of the mother-heart-attack inducing girlfriends, but i'm just really tired right now, and I have a metric shit-ton to read tomorrow not to mention a crazy ass puppy to babysit!

This post was lacking in the gayness department, besides i love that song! ^.^


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