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Lady Martyr

I just watched the video for Lady Gaga's new single "Paparazzi" which got leaked ahead of time, causing her to throw a tantrum on Facebook. Anyway, there is a scene about halfway through it where she is getting out of a wheelchair wearing this metal cap and corset, which reminded me so much of one of the tortured girls from Pascal Laugier's movie
Martyrs. For those who have not seen the movie, see my previous post about it, freaking awesome movie! Netflix that shit now!! For those have not seen the video check it out here. For those of you haven't seen either one, and don't want to, just look at this side-by-side comparison.

If you've seen the movie and "got it" you'll see that the similarities between lady gaga and Martyrs don't end here lol.


Mr. H said...

1. That movie was lame... Lady Gaga is not. No similarities whatsoever

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