samt arrâs

Path above the head

Just 30 more days for this fucking awful year to end!! Can't wait!...
One more day 'till i get my paycheck...
Two days for the VSFS...I still don't know why i watch it tho, oh yeah, i remember now.
A couple more hours for Britney's new album to officially come out, by the way most of the songs suck!
And who knows how long until i find something productive to do.
I've been watching a lot of movies lately and they were all at least kinda good...
A few months ago Serina told me to go watch a movie called Young People Fucking(YPF on Netflix or BB), I thought she was just being nasty as usual and said "No", but i finally got a chance to watch it last night. LOVED it!! Canadians are funny!! "The Friends" and "The Couple" were my favorites, "The Exes" part was really sad in the hit close to home i guess, oh well.
I got Run Fat Boy Run in the mail last week and i didn't even remembered adding it to my list, but i got it so i watched it and it was meh, the story was kinda meh, the carachters were kinda meh, the muic was good tho, i finally found out the name of this song, so that was good...Ghost Town remains the best movie with an british guy in it i've watched this year, sad very very sad considering Once had that hnor last year...was he irish? Oh who the fuck cares i still hum that Falling Slowly song on BART.
Journey to the center of the earth probably looked better in teathers, i liked it anyways.
Oh yeah my sister made me rent Penelope hella long ago, i thought it was some kind of Juno clone so i didn't really read the little synopsis on Netflix, but then i found Christina Ricci was on it so i watched it today and i kinda liked it, if i ever have a daughter and don't sell her in the black market i'll make her watch that movie...Oh yeah talking about juno i found out what kind of cat she is, apparently she is a Neblung which explains why her babies looked Russian i really talking about cats?...i guess it's better than talking abut college applications, credit card fees, horny chinese ex-girlfriends and strange relatives, which are the other topics in my head right now.
I decided to take the spring semester off and if by the end of january things are still the same i'll throw my shit in a bag and move to seattle. Why? 'Cuz it actually rains there! Unlike here, where clouds are such teases and fakes just like everyone yeah, thats why.
Now if you'll excuse me i have some reading to do...damn you Mrs. Del Bourgo!!...jk.


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