samt arrâs

Path above the head

Me: Hi, how can i help you?
Average Soccer Mom(ASM): Hi.yes. I'd like to get 3 Asiago and 3 Onion...
Me: Ok, *grabs a 1/2 doz bag*
ASM: WAIT!!...
Me: yes?
ASM: isn't cheaper if i get 1/2 doz?
Me: Yes, You are getting six...
ASM: let's make that 1/2 doz! Add another asiag-
Me: You already have 1/2 doz....maybe you want to get a dozen?
ASM: No, I don't need that many bagels.
Me: Ok, so how many do you want?
ASM: I already told you, 1/2 doz! *looks at me like i'm the one who sucks at math*
Me: what kind do you want?
ASM: add another asiago and a poppy seed.
Me: Sure.
ASM: how much do i own you?
Me: $3.49 (I ignored the fact that she was getting 8 and not six, because we were almost closed and i just wanted her to leeeeeaaaave!)
ASM: *pulls out checkbook and asks me for a pen*
Me: *looking at my coworker wanting to lol on her face* know what, you can take them for free if you make a donation for (some stupid charity i don't even remember its name)
ASM: Oh wow! very nice! thank you *throws a couple of dimes in the box and leaves*

Ahhh Lakeshore residents...such an endless source of entertainment


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