samt arrâs

Path above the head


Sooo tired...

My feet hurt a lot! And my hearing is getting really bad...that or the guy i had to close with today REALLY needs to speak louder.
So I haven't seen The Iron Knight yet, but I'm planning on going Wednesday...i might go to this water park in a couple of weeks too even tho i don't know how to swim and i hate pools, but i can't keep refusing every invitation or else they are going to think i'm some kind of hermit...=S
OMG Carlos decided to quit smoking and we are really happy about it, i mean i usually don't care when people smoke or drink, but this guy would go through 2 boxes everyday! I'm not lying, and he would get incredibly mad if he was not allowed to smoke or if he suddenly ran out and noone else had any yeah, good for him!
I should start eating healthier...but if i stop eating bacon and fried stuff, how am i going to drown my sorrows? really, how?


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