samt arrâs

Path above the head

I just wrote my history paper in lest than an hour ^.^!!
And it's a kickass paper let me tell you! Blah! it doesn't matter now, the most i can get in that class is a C...stupid life taking away my time!
Funny thing is that this past month has been pretty uneventful...I turned 21, my 5th aniversary of my first high school graduation passed and i missed the partay..why? i'm glad you asked! Because I has no money!! And i have two jobs!! Isn't that sad?'s depressing actually...I don't need two jobs! I don't even think i need one!! I just need a rich old lady with less than a month to live! I'll be the male Anna Nicole Smith!!...and my dad says i have no aspirations in life...pffft!
I'm working at noah's tomorrow for the first time in weeks! I hope i remember how to do stuff...working at compusa has turned me into this lazy ass bastard! all i did today was scan shit and make pricetags with that little device that makes funny noises! I SO want one of those for christmas!
OMG!! Julian's dog had puppies and they are hella cute!! So cute they force to use the word "hella"! Thats how cute they are!! I want one of those too!
I also want a 60 GB PS3, but you cant find those anywhere for less than $500...I almost bought the Wii the other day...if it wasn't for those hippies that walked in i think i would have done it...I just realized that i need a new pillow, and a bigger memory should have arrived today...UPS lied to me...again...I'm SO breaking up with them...there is a couple of people who probably broke up with me cuz they haven't talked to me in ages!...Oh BTW, Chris I know you called me the other day i'm sorry i haven't called you back, but i just don't know your number and no, i cant get your number from my phone because the screen doesn't work and i cant see anything, so if you are reading this email me your number or something...anyway...i'm tired and henry for some reason is shaking like a chihuahua...bye! I'm back to being happy!


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