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Path above the head

So, I'm now 21 years old...I smell like old people already...sadness and bengay.
My 21st birthday was so uneventful; I had to work that day and i was too tired to even feel like shit for turning 21 or to think about doing anything...all i remember was some kind of carne asada at my parents house, and danny calling me like 5 times on my way home to ask me if i wanted to get drunk...and yes, i still don't like to drink, now that i legally can do it, i don't want to...that's how weird i am!
What else is new? OMGz!! I cut my hairzzz!! SO dumb! I should have never cut it! I look like a filipino lesbian! that's creepier than it sounds!
I got a new job!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyybooooo=(....I SO wanted to like it, but two weeks later i still feel like it's my first day...people are cool and all, but I dunno I guess going from a place where i knew what to do to a place where for some reason i'm messing up 60% of the time is kinda weird...i'll give it a couple of weeks more if i still don't like it, i'm joining the circus like for realz!!
School is just SO...God! i don't even know how to describe it! this semester was all just a big waste of time! I feel like pulling a stephanie and drop all my classes!
First, i didn't get to take any classes with gus, rob, andrea or what'shisface?...
Second, even tho they are easy classes i think i'm going to get a B and a C in them! I'm not turning in anything! and i've missed so many lectures!
But somehow i'm still trasferring next semester, go figure...i mean i still have to wait to see how much i'm supposed to pay...if it's too much i'm joining the circus!

BTW I need a new cell phone...and a PS3, and a car...and a key for a shot of love with Tila Tequila!
I don't remember who told me to watch this show, but whoever you are: THANK YOU!!
Grey's Anatomy, ANTM and now Reaper too!! have all started to suck...blame the writers' strike, global warming, Bush...whatever! Thank God MTV has all the episodes available online! I Looooove Tila! She is SO cute! like Gus said: I love her so much, I want 2 take her behind the school and get her pregnant!


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