samt arrâs

Path above the head

Yup, that's true! And fucking hilarious!
I just had to write this on my blog so that i can come back and read it whenever i feeld sad...xD
I'm still fighting with those 15anera people!...My god! they are like teh only store i know that refuses to make money! SO stupid...
I get my check on tuesday and that means that i'm buying my TV next saturday! Yaaay! i was going to keep saving so I could buy a car, but I just love public transportation and not having to pay attetion to other people around me...cuz when you drive you kinda have to do that...anyway...
Besides my friends, and family i guess, people are shit!
And i don't mean shit as in bad people, I mean Shit as in hot steamy cow poo!
More on that's 1:36 am and i'm tired...


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