samt arrâs

Path above the head

OH MY GOD!...Where did all those old clothes come from, i don't know!
I ended up with one of those big black garbage bags filled with stuff! From my high school hoodie to hole infested underwear! It was crazy! I'll take it to some charity place one of these days...I'm such a good person, see? that's why i want to have my babies!
I started cleaning it yesterday and i'm still not done, but i did a lot of work today...i get it, if you don't that's your problem...and it feels hecka good! omg i said hecka! teehee!
So I talked to my best friend from high school today and we talked A LOT! was nice, i mean we went past the usual stuff "So what you've been up to? seen anyone from high school? what school are you going to? etc" i even saved the chat log...i think i'll print it and have it laminated or something...i mean i always say that any person you come across is going to write a page in the "book" of life, this guy wrote a whole freaking chapter...we were this ><> in high school and i'm talking nongay this ><>! wow...i really don't know what else to say...oh yeah! my birthday is 4 months from today so you better been saving up to buy me the stuff on my wishlist!...


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