samt arrâs

Path above the head

I was supposed to go to a job interview in San Francisco today but i couldn't go because some mentally challenge people running a very understaffed store...anyway, i hope i can go next week or thursday. I'm just glad i already put my two week notice! I did it las sunday because i get paid to put up with rich people's problems not some underachiever shift manager! I was like fuck this shit i'm leaving!...well...not until the 25th, but you get the point...Oh yeah the christian guy left and we got him a chocolate cake which i thought was kinda racist and thats maybe why he didn't eat it, but anyway he was hella cool, i think i'll miss him as a person but not as a coworker, i dunno why i always create these two sides for people at work...pftt!
I have this friend from high school asking me to buy some games for him because they are still not available over there and the funny thing is that he doesn't want to give me his address because he knows that i know that he doesn't live where he told everyone he did...OMG the dramma! I loved high school....talking about video games and lame people; me and friends were talking about the best game we had ever played, for me it was Sim City 4 and for my clone it was...AOE...pretty much same thing, as always...then tavo and i started using quotes from Mario Bros. for no reason at all "I'm sorry, the princess is in another castle" then we ended up with all kind of inside jokes, this time we were able to avoid making fun of julian and anything remotely related to Chile but is over, but i'm still "reeding" books...Thank you I'll be here all week!
Since my computer and Sim City 4 don't get along i've been playing 300: march to glory for the PSP for the last two weeks and i'm still unable to get past the part with the phalanx after defending the phocian wall, which was hard as hell niggie!
Anyway this game is great!...Actually it's not that good, it's just very enteraining in different ways...
It has everything you want and more!

1- Bloody decapitations:

2- You can perform the awesomest attacks ever!

3- Just like with Sonic and Tails there is this guy following you around who apparently has no reason to be there other than just get in your way...

4- And the last one:
Constant moments of hidden homosexuality, including leonidas' insinuating poses with his morbidly phallic weapons...I mean, look where these things are!!

That last one is just too much!...


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