samt arrâs

Path above the head

I've watched 28 weeks later two times so far and i might watch it again tomorrow...that helicopter vs. zombies scene is just SO cool!! I bought 28 days later today and i still don't understand why that guy had to be naked all the time...anyway, it took me a lot of time to find that movie in the sale bin at my future workplace (virgin megastore in SF) I'm like OMG no way I'll be working in the city!! Weeeee!!...All i know is that i need to leave that stupid bagel shop ASAP. I also bought Christina Aguilera's DVD of her previous tour in the UK, it's called Stripped live in the UK...duh...I was like so hipnotized watching that thing! I just love that woman....I want to have her babies... I also bought Maroon 5's new album and i still don't know why i love that song so much!! And the 3rd track is pretty good too! I think i did more shopping than job hunting today...oh well! I'm still proud that i didn't buy that $80 jacket the other day...i probably will do it eventually, but just knowing that i didn't buy it that day makes me feel better =D Shoot me please!


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