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Path above the head

I bought the DVD yesterday but i was unable to watch it until i love that movie! I think this was the 7th time i've watched it, and maybe i forgot certain parts or i never really paid enought attention but after watching it today i found so many things hidden in the story it was as if i was watching it for the very first time! I just love this movie! And that music! *drools* I'll buy one of those masks on eBay...
I watched Knocked up on thursday and that was another great movie! I'm only twenty years old, but those who know me well know how much i suffered after the ending "teen" was removed from my answer to "How old are you?" while i was watching this movie i was like "growing up sucks"...The older you get, the more responsabilities you have. The idea of giving up all the things you like to do in order to take care of a human being is just brrr! I still want to have to kids tho...Henry Shut up! and stop reading my blog and playing pokemon, get your sorry ass out of bed!
Anyway, back to the real world...apparently babies are now considered a hindrance...even for men, what i mean is that it is usually the female who feels as if having a baby will make her less attractive to prospective partners, i'm obviously talking about single parents, but it seems that nowadays men feel the same way too. Usually the father is not affected at all, because he is either out of the picture or he is never seen with the baby nor does he talk about it...or he denies the baby! isn't that just weird and wrong? I mean...a possitive answer was likely anyway...oh well.

Yeah yeah i know none of this mess makes sense, but i just felt like writing so what!? *randomness kicks in* my elbow itches...I think i'm really allergic to cream cheese...or BS...there is a lot of both those things over at today this menopausic lonely lady was like "Onion bagels are my favorite, and everytime i come here you guys are out!" Up to this point i had my fake "I'm listening and i care about your problem" face, but then she said something like "What's wrong with you people!" then i changed to my "make up some lame excuse" mode, and i said something like "Yeah...well i guess there are a lot of people who like them, thats why they don't last long"...then she said something like "But why don't you make more!!" the bitch was pissed and i wanted to laugh so hard, but i was too tired so i told her that if she wanted i could tell the baker to make a dozen, but the bitch kept complaining and i just remember smiling and saying something like "well thats all i can do for you, if you want to talk to the manager i can call him and unless you need anything else i'm gonna help this other lady" the old bastard had a face i'll never forget, it was something like "Finally a man who talks to me the way i deserve! please spank me!"....ok fine i made up that last part, but her face was funny, she did look surprised and left which is what i wanted her to do...i don't really care if she complains...actually i really don't care about anything related to that store, it's sad because i wanted to leave before i ended up hating that least i can now count the days left with my fingers....all 21 of them...xD...Thank You! i'll be here all week!


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