samt arrâs

Path above the head

According to one of my coworkers the reason why my sense of humor is not because i need to work on my timing...which is hard to do when you have 1896786865 things in your head, and delivering a punchline at the right moment is just not among the top 25 priorities...heck i don't even think breathing is among my top 25 priorities right now! I need to get cloned! I should get like 5 wilsons! OMG that would be soooo coool!!
Wilson #1 would go to work for me! He is going to have to listen to all the stupid piedmont rich motherfuckers complain about getting blueberry bagels instead of chocolate chip or some nonsensical/meaningless crap like that! I <3>
Wilson #2, 3 and 4 are going to do my chemistry homework! I might even get two more mini clones to help them!
Wilson #5 is going to deal with my old friends and their stupid criticisms, I feel sorry for Wilson #5...=(
That way I could do what i've always wanted to do!! Become a PussyCatDoll!...ahem...I meant: watch all the seasons of mythbusters, Will & Grace and Gray's anatomy...
So anyway...i just noticed i say "So anyway" a lot...hmm i also use lots of these "..." oh well, it's my blog [cartman]I'll do what i want![/cartman].
I'm guessing I should say something about that half waving, limp Chilean flag i'm currently using as my display picture...let's just say it's a very complex and long story and i really don't feel like writting all that mess because i need to "tomar hartagua!" and "ponerle benzina al carro po" awwww hahahaaha i'm SO mean...


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