samt arrâs

Path above the head



I can't believe this is happening!
10000 people have read my blog!..
....or my blog has been read 1000 times by the same freak! o.0...
I want to thank Myspace for giving me the opportunity to have a blog where i can write all sorts of crap! I also want to thank my friends who always inspired me to write such crap! To My flow!! Oye Villanaaa!!
Llevo meses tratando de cazarte! Mi ilusion siempre ha sido encontrarte! Ya no aguanto las ganas de tocarte! Dejame besarte Oye, villana! Sos mi mayor inspiracion! I don't think I could have ever been able to reach such levels of stupidity without your support! Thank you for always believing in me! I love you Bish!!

Hehe...I just HAD to do that!...Now seriously...
Thank you all for reading my blog/rants/ get a life...


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