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Path above the head

So yeah...March 8, 2007 will be a date to remember.
I'm just going to copy & paste the mini-review i gave to some friends:
That concert was just awesome!!!11oneone
Danity Kane opened the show and it was cool how there were like a whole bunch of people on stage just moving chairs and mics around while this DJ/host was talking and then she said: the "ladies" of DK are backstage getting ready etc etc and then the people who were on stage took their uniforms off and it was them(DK)!!!
Then they sang that one song they have..Showstopper which is like my and flow's new anthem...then the Pussycat Dolls took the stage - My new Idols- and can i just say Nicole is freaking HOT?
Anyway then Christina's band started playing some random stuff and then she came from behind this screen while standing on top of some stairs with a whole bunch of dancers singing Ain't no other man...
I love how she did Lady Marmalade all by was SO cool!...She closed with Beautiful and my two favoritest songs!
Ya puedo morir tranquilo ^.^
lol...i'm a freak, I know.

My Chemistry class is crazy...and lab is even crazier! I'm the smart one now!


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