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Path above the head

Yeah I know..stupid title, but what the hell... You should have seen that thing! It was green, oozy and gooey! For those of you going "what the hell is he talking about? o_0" I'm talking about a container we found today at had this nasty egg mixture thingy that we use for some nasty egg sandwiches we make...anyway! the thing is that, somehow, the container ended up under(i'm pretty sure there is something wrong with that sentence..) the fridge (I think) and who knows how long it was there because that stuff was green...seriously! So anyway...I finally got my computer back! there was something wrong with the hard drive and it had to be changed...poor hard drive, maybe it didn't want to change, but it was necessary for it to change in order for the rest of the system to work properly...and we all know that the needs of the majority are more important...*sniff* =( My Argentine buddy sent me a link to this really cool website where you can download episodes from like every show I used to watch, so I'm like beyond happy right now... I can't wait for Tuesday...I think I get my paycheck that day..and also The Victoria's Secret fashion show is on Tuesday night, and one of my friends said that's going to be the topic for her final paper for her English 5 class...silly me thinking my blog was the stupidest thing ever written...

"Maybe It's a Present!! For me? Aww thanks!"


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