samt arrâs

Path above the head

That my dear friends is a burger...a burger for which I waited 40 minutes today! Don't ask...just a word of advice...never EVER try to have lunch at Adam's Bugers on Lakeshore Ave... great food and prices, but since the place is run by an older couple, don't expect a quick service...the burger was good, but it wasn't worth the 40 minutes... So anyway..Cari Dee won ANTM (YES! I watch that show! So??), I'm so glad she did, she is so cool...and I think my friend is still going to write her english 5 final paper about the VS fashion show, which was last night and was boring as all hell...Caroline Trentini was the only reason I watched it...seriously! OMG I just said seriously! Grey's Anatomy is on tomorrow! I'm seriously obssesed with that show! It's just SO freaking good!! Talking about good TV Shows...My Coupling DVD's arrived today! Weee! I'm so happy! =) ...For those of you who only watch Telemundo and Ritmo Caliente...or whatever...Coupling is/was a British sitcom produced by the BBC...NBC did an american version, but it was cancelled after 8 episodes...the show is about six friends and their sex lives, like FRIENDS but more realistic and with less blondes...anyway! I bought the 4 seasons of the original series on and they arrived today! Sadly I don't have time to watch them until next week, because I have to turn in a whole bunch of stuff this week =(


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