samt arrâs

Path above the head

I have to finish all my late assigments for Trigonometry, I have to get up to date with the material for that class also...I think they are on chapter 6 now, and I'm still struggling with the stuff from chapter 3...I have to go to this museum in San Francisco, I also have to visit Grace Cathedral while I'm in The city...then I have to write a paper about my visit(s) I have to get a cell phone because having to look for a working public phone is starting to get annoying, I have to buy some books, I have to finish two experiments in the lab, I have to make some phone calls before some people start hating me more than they already do, I have to do the FAFSA, I have to start focusing on the whole transfer situation: that means chose a school and stick to that choice(as of today I'm thinking about USF), I have to get my own place, I have to save enough money to do it, I might even have to get a second job, I have to start thinking about my class schedule for Spring...I know it seems like I still have time to do a lot of these things, but the days just seem to go by so fast I can't tell when the week starts and when it ends...The worst part is that i'm starting to make "plans" again...the last time that happened I ended up sitting in my living room watching HGTV for an entire year...nice!...Actually that's not the worst part. My friends now think that i'm overreacting about everything, and maybe I am, they also think that I forgot about what-the-deuce? o_0...who has time to think about real friends when you have MySpace?...Oh...fuck it!


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