samt arrâs

Path above the head

Lunch at Lake Merritt...
Bad! Bad images in my head! Bird poop everywhere, Soccer Moms and their annoying babies and the worst...Man boobs!!
I was eating my KFC bowl, which is already nasty enough, and then this old fat guy who was jogging, passed in front of me and his boobs were bigger than Anna Nicole Smith's and they were bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down! It was grossss!! >.<
Anyway...I just broke my glasses like an hour ago, I dunno what i'm going to do because I need those freaking things, otherwise I'll be as lost as that old lady at work today, she thought we were a Starbucks...I was like..."That's next door..."....I was lucky I still had my old pair of glasses, which are not going to help me that much 'cuz my eyes keep getting worse, but at least I won't feel that blind tomorrow. Talking about work...I hate that new shirt! It's blue-ish! and mine says Feliz Noshedad...or something like that...I still don't get it.


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