samt arrâs

Path above the head

I hate it when my friends start telling me something and they never today we were talking about a friend's birthday party and apparently someone was naked in her balcony singing for cute ^.^, but they didn't tell who it was >.>
So anyway...I messed up like a lot of times today at work...Next time I say I'll be working on a saturday or sunday morning, please remind me not to do it! It was horrible! OH the horror!! Madness everywhere! angry customers! messed up orders! cheese all over the bags! Nooooo!
On top of that I was late like 20 minutes...the stupid bus was late and the driver was driving(duh) soooo slow...I seriously thought I was going to get fired after all that, but my boss seemed cool about it; he said since I was new it was understandble and that sometimes he still gets the orders all mixed up and sht...
It was a really really long day! I still need to find a place to live >.<
Hopefully it'll happen before my 20th Birthday(I'm old), that way at least one of my childhood dreams would be fullfilled...I never became a Power Ranger =(


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