samt arrâs

Path above the head



That should be my new Major...Bagelology.
I just never thought there would be so many different kinds of bagels, I've never been a huge fan of bagels and today I got to prepare like a whole bunch of them, now that I know what goes in them, I still don't like them! Usually when I learn how to prepare something, I start liking it. Like when I learned how to make cinnamon rolls: I used to hate those things 'cuz they were all sticky and uber sweet, but then I made my first batch at home and after knowing how excrutiating it is to prepare that dough, I started liking them!=) Actually I should make some tomorrow if it rains again...
OMG it rained today!! I was cleaning something and a customer said it was raining and I looked out the window and I was like YaaaY!! =) I would have walked to the BART station under the rain just for fun, but I was really tired so I just took the bus. I just realized I cut myself today...I think it might have been at the bus stop...there was this sharp thingy and I touched it 'cuz I wanted to see how sharp it was...I guess I wasn't very pun intended! XD


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