samt arrâs

Path above the head

So, i got a free ride on BART today because the gates were not working. I went to school, spent 50 minutes thinking about why the Simpsons are yellow, instead of paying attention to my Trigonometry teacher. Then I went to my Art History class and watched some video about Jerusalem and Muslim architecture. Then I went to work, actually i'm still in training but whatever...I had to fill out like A LOT of forms, and watch some videos about safety and stuff, it was fun =)
Then I went to visit a friend from high school who is working at this store on International Blvd. After that I went to the bus stop and waited for a long time for the damn bus...I had two girls right next to me who looked like they were related to
Bunifa Latifah Halifa Sharifa Jackson, there was an old man talking to the lamp post, and there were these other kids selling porn...seriously!
I've been feeling dizzy since last night, I dunno why...I had fish for dinner, maybe it was poisoned o_0...or maybe I'm pregnant! 0_o either way I hope i feel better tomorrow cuz I can't miss lab again.
I have to go to work on wednesday. I'm still looking for a room or an apartment, or an old lady with lots of money, someone I can marry, wait until they die and keep all their money and properties...jk.


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