samt arrâs

Path above the head

How on God's green earth is it possible that someone would have trouble finding one of the most important streets in San Francisco? I dunno, but today I was that person...somehow I ended up in Chinatown, passed in front that big brown building(BoA tower), down on Grant, and left on Geary until I finally saw that glorious green sign...I've never felt so happy to see a street sign in my life...=)

What else? I saw this girl from high school today on the bus on my way home (Hey Sunny!) she was so funny ^.^ We talked and it was so weird cuz some of the things she said are so relevant to me at this point in my life, I was like "Seriuosly God? is this a sign or wtf?" anyway, I was watching KQED today and there was a documentary called "The beach biggest bully" or something like reminded me of someone! how mean is that?
I missed lab today, again, so I guess my partner is going to be like uber mad at me tomorrow, oh well...more crazy people in my life ^.^


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