samt arrâs

Path above the head

Yes, I'm obsessed with Grey's what? Will & Grace is over and I needed to find a new favorite show.
I'm two months and thirteen days away from my 20th birthday...that's like a fifth of a century...I'm old...I hate getting old...another thing I hate is people...not everyone, just those freaks in my messenger list. And I don't really hate them, I hate what they do! They IM me and when they see I'm typing, they log off...SO annoying. I should cleanse that contact list...I have *checks* 134 contacts - whoopee!- I didn't even know I knew that many people...some of them I don't know them personaly, they are like cousins or friends of my friends...I even have an old teacher there!
I hate this weather too, it's
like 70°F...I should move to Alaska, they have polar bears too and they are SO cute! ^.^...that was gay.
I dunno why i'm so "PMSish"
© today...maybe it's because my fall schedule is so messed up! The worst part is that i'm afraid to touch it, at least for now...
And what blog entry would be complete without an allusion to my jor?...


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