samt arrâs

Path above the head

I love this show. I don't know why I didn't watch it from the beginning...I downloaded the first two seasons (shhh!) and now I can't wait until September, when the new season starts...
All the carachters are so cool and the chemistry between the actors is great! It's like Will & Grace, but in a hospital!! Like Christina said in one episode "It's like candy, but with blood...which is SO much better!"
I think my favorite character is Izzie, she is so cute and innocent...Christina is cool too...George seems waaaay too familiar, that's why I don't like him...Meredith is a whore, and all the McPeople are ok I guess...I'm still mourning Denny's death...*snif* *snif*...and I dunno why the McDog had to die! If he was some sort of symbol for Meredith and McDreamy's love...then why did he die if those two are still together?...anyway...enough estrogen for tonight.
Everyone went to SFO because my mom and my sister are going to El Salvador for a few days...that means I'm the only person in this house right now...well...the dog is here too, but i'm taking care of him instead of him taking care of me >.<...
Every time the phone rings I feel like someone is going to make the Grudge noise (grgrrrggrgggrgtokkrrr) or someone is going to tell me that "The call is coming from inside the house"...
I can't believe summer is not over yet...I hate this season, I dunno why, but I hate it! When it's cold you can get a sweater or stay in bed all day -ok, maybe not that part- but when the temperature is above 80 degrees I hate not being a reptile!!...besides, I love cloudy days, and rain, and cold weather...and chocolate, and long walks on the beach...Wooow, waaay too much estrogen for one night!!...seriously


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