samt arrâs

Path above the head

I don't know what's wrong with me...and I have no interest in finding out!...I just wish I knew so i could stop thinking that something is wrong with me...the thing is that since I know that something is wrong with me I can't get it out of my head, and there is not enough room for a lot of stuff in there right now...
I hate summer...Too much free time to think, and when you think too much you start to notice a lot of stuff, and then you care about that stuff, and caring about stuff makes you feel confused...Something is definitely messed up in my head.
So anyway...I ate a burrito for dinner and it made me sick...lots of things make me feel sick these people...I don't really like people that much lately...
I've spent a lot of time thinking about how stupid people can my best friend's ex-boyfriend: the guy dumps her ass 4 days before her birthday, and now he expects her to take him back...or else - oh yes! there is an "or else" in this sick and twisted love triangle...did I mention that he had another girl?no? anyway- he is going to kill himself! =D...But that's not all!! the guy is going to leave a note blaming her...tada!! =D...and that's love...well, at least the inmature, meaningless version of this story. ...That philosophy class messed me up...any Laney students reading this: Don't take any of Amir's classes unless you want to torture yourself =P He is teh best teacher on Laney, his classes are like UBER interesting, but sometimes knowledge is a bad! bad thing to have =/
Today I was watching The simple life: 'Til death do us part...that was sexy...I wish I was like Paris: Rich and brainless, not blonde and disgustinly thin...hmm the disgustinly thin part sounds interesting tho...I'm a bit overweight, I look at old pictures of me and I'm like "WooW I weight twice as much as that kid in these photos" and they are like 4 years old...but as Cartman said in an episode of South Park "Being fat
is my life choice, and if you don't tolerate it I'll report you to the SEC" or something like that...ok enough writing, I finally got sleepy.


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