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Path above the head

I still don't know which one to buy =/...The one on the right has a camera and it vibrates!...
So Stupid! XD Then again, so is everything on this blog =D.
Anyway, first week of school is over...I saw some of my brother's ex-classmates and I was known as "Henry's brother" for one day...weee!=) My classes are "Ok": Trigonometry is not as scary as it sounds, what's scary is the way the teacher seems like he's about to have a heart attack...other than that the class is fun and there are a couple of places I can look at if I get bored...The view from that classroom is good;). Art history is not as boring as I thought it was going to be, I still don't understand why we need two books for that class tho. And my Chemistry class seems to be a bit crowded...60+ people in a room built for 42...nice!
One of my favorite teachers ever! died the other day...99.99% of the students hated her because she didn't believe in extra credit, and her class -I think it was social studies-
was one of the hardest, but she was nice to me and my friends...we still don't know why...she called me kinder garden boy ^.^...she was addicted to cheap lipstick, hard to explain, she had like 5 different nicknames...anyway...we called her the cookie monster! =)


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