samt arrâs

Path above the head


What was that?

My God! I want to throw up so badly right now!
I just watched The Descent...I knew I was going to hate that movie, I knew it was going to be really stupid and plotless/pointless, I knew I was going to fast forward all the "scary" parts because I'm not in the mood for "scary" stuff...But My God! that movie was shitty! It was like...I can't even describe it!! Shitty!Shitty!Shitty!Shitty!
There is a lot of shitty stuff going on in my life right now.
But who cares about that?...
-I should But I don't!
-'Cuz I don't want to!
I need to stop having arguments with myself, the other day I didn't have lunch because I wanted Chinese food, but I also wanted a sandwich and since i couldn't make up my mind, I just decided to starve 'till I got home where I starved some more =)...
My classes aren't that Shitty...I <3>Ms. Stark, She is so cool! Man I wish I had taken her intro to Soc. Class instead of Mrs. Mahabir's...Amir's class is OK, I'm starting to believe he actually has no plan for that class...we are on the third week and we are still talking about random stuff...anyway...Trig and Chem are going well, so far, and my Psychology class is just encouraging me to develop a massive case of ADD...


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