samt arrâs

Path above the head

I got the LG Shine yesterday! After about an hour of "oops i forgot to enter your " and "awww my station crashed again" oh yeah and the lovely "I think i might have charged you twice for the phone...yeah i think i did...brb"...I was able to walk out of that AT&T store with my new phone!!

I love it!!
It's a slider -so that's one point right there...
It's black - another point
It's shiny...duh - another point
It has teh internetz! - 3G ftw!
It's not an iPhone! - points!

The guy who helped me was nice, obviously new, but nice and i felt kinda bad for him...the manager there was a total ass to the other girl who was having problems with her computer so my guy asked somebody else and he fixed everything and i even got a free cover thingy for the wait....yay...

Now, who is LC? and why am i one step closer to being like her?...


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