samt arrâs

Path above the head


It's like CSI + The X files + Grey's Anatomy = Awesomeness.
I dunno why i had never heard of this show until i saw a couple of episodes on Hulu. I guess it was because it's on fox and the only show i've ever watched on that network was the last season of American Idol , but then they kicked Danny Noriega and that Asian girl so it was all like "meh".
So the show is about this team of forensic somethingpologists and an FBI agent solving crimes and being all touchy touchy with each other, they use this holographic thingy, which looks really cool, to recreate the way the crimes took place and their special effects are pretty good. Anyway, I had to find a new show to watch since Grey's anatomy got all weird and repetitive and ANTM is not comming back until two weeks from now. BTW the tall, pale girl with black hair wins it this season, i call it now.
What? I don't watch that much tv, but when i do i make sure it's dumb/tertaining enough =D.

Oh yeah...the theme song is catchy...even if it has no lyrics.


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