samt arrâs

Path above the head

I know it's probably very gay that I'm so excited about this concert, but like it's Christina Freaking Aguilera!! I might no be able to get near a computer tomorrow because i have a chemistry test on thursday and a trigonometry test tomorrow, for which I haven't studied nor do i plan to...I'm so stupid, I know.
So anyway, today was weird...psychology class was the same as usual; a substitute who is completly clueless, that stupid girl who won't shut up, and the crazy library lady. Then Chemistry was kinda blah! there was no lab today, just review for the exam, i didn't stay because i had some other stuff to carry a funny looking bag loaded with hevay coins for like 3 blocks until my high school counselor saw me and told me my career choice was a bad one...nice one Barranco, Nice!
BTW about that guy...there was something familiar about the great Jack McFarland said: "
Remember when I told you that there was something about [Insert masculine name here] that I couldn't put my finger on? Well, I put my finger in it."

BTW...Babel is
teh best movie ever!
It has:
1) People talking in spanglish
2) A naked japanese girl
3) A Headless Chicken
4) A fully clothed Brad Pitt
5) A Mexican wedding

And most importantly:

6) El Sa-Sa-Sa!!!


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