samt arrâs

Path above the head

7:20 Pm...I'm not even halfway done with the first part of my philosophy final paper and I already have 5 pages, at least is due on wednesday....whoopee!
Thank...God? it'll all be over by thursday...My geometry class is so easy it bores me in just 5 minutes!
I still need to sign up for my fall classes, then I need to keep looking for a job...whoopee!
I don't know why I keep saying whoopee!...I blame you tanny.
What else...Oh yeah i changed my layout! I really really love this one! The colors make a nice contrast and everything is so simple! I added a collage of pictures of my old friends from high school and other places...I even managed to find a picture where i don't look sleepy...
Oh well...take care anonymous reader, please sign this thing/leave a comment to boost my ego ^.^...jk
I dunno why, but i love this song by's sad that I have to look all the way to europe to find decent music in spanish...oh well...long live reggaeton and tercermundismo! XD


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